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Aaron Rozenfeld is an unemployed Artist in Los Angeles, CA

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originally this was a blog that went no where. but now it's a to-do list. inspired by my friend's CLap's 88 in 888 list i've decided to actually try and follow through with a new year's resolution/before-i-turn-the-big 3-0 semi-bucket list.

the list:
-watch a new movie every week (via either netflix or going to the theater)
-make a mini-documentary
-attend 5 concerts (1/5)
-attend 2 popejoy events (1 , 2) complete!
-take advantage of the outdoor activities available in ABQ
-cook something from a cookbook at least every other week
-join a gym and maintain attendance (sore and still going)
-get rid of old clothes/shoes/purses/junk and donate once a quarter
-compete an animation competition
-find a internship/job related to my animation degree
-do a new art project once a month
-expand my food palate (aka learn not to be such a picky eater)
-do a better job of keeping in touch with long distance friends
-reconnect with cousins
-understanding cantonese (enough to have a conversation)
-read traditional chinese
-visit hong kong with the whole family
-pay off all credit cards
-take a trip with just friends
-not freak out about turning 30 (age ain’t nothing but a number!)
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