Muffin Tops Muffin Molds

The ONLY acceptable muffin top!



The re-airing of Timberweek starts tomorrow! We couldn’t be more excited!


Star Wars Illustrations

Mexico-based illustrator Carlos Lerma has created beautiful illustrations of some of his favourite characters. 



Monstrous Summer is coming to the Disney Parks this summer, including one day where three Parks are open for 24 hours.

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originally this was a blog that went no where. but now it's a to-do list. inspired by my friend's CLap's 88 in 888 list i've decided to actually try and follow through with a new year's resolution/before-i-turn-the-big 3-0 semi-bucket list.

the list:
-watch a new movie every week (via either netflix or going to the theater)
-make a mini-documentary
-attend 5 concerts (1/5)
-attend 2 popejoy events (1 , 2) complete!
-take advantage of the outdoor activities available in ABQ
-cook something from a cookbook at least every other week
-join a gym and maintain attendance (sore and still going)
-get rid of old clothes/shoes/purses/junk and donate once a quarter
-compete an animation competition
-find a internship/job related to my animation degree
-do a new art project once a month
-expand my food palate (aka learn not to be such a picky eater)
-do a better job of keeping in touch with long distance friends
-reconnect with cousins
-understanding cantonese (enough to have a conversation)
-read traditional chinese
-visit hong kong with the whole family
-pay off all credit cards
-take a trip with just friends
-not freak out about turning 30 (age ain’t nothing but a number!)
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